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About Us

We are out-of-home media consultants, negotiators, buyers and design facilitators. We do the research, we do the legwork, and we administer the most effective out-of-home media program within your budget.  We provide comprehensive proposals that include a clear description of the inventory being proposed, maps of the locations and photos when available.  You are freed from having to deal with multiple vendors, numerous product comparisons, confusing rate negotiations, advertising design and printing.

We have experience working with local, regional and national customers. We are also the experts to whom ad agencies turn to assist their clients with their outdoor advertising needs. Our reputation and our integrity are of utmost importance to us. We have a history of maintaining long-term client relationships, and continue to strive to grow our customer base.

We work with national, regional and local outdoor companies to ensure that each client has access to all of the available inventory in their target market. In addition to billboards, we can assist with other forms of outdoor advertising, including daily billboards, transit, airport, mall and cinema advertising, gas pump ads and other non-traditional types of advertising that one might not think of as part of the outdoor advertising category. 

What Sets Us Apart

At Innovative Outdoor Advertising USA, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest innovations in out-of-home advertising, updating our databases with studies on the various outdoor media and developing comprehensive proposals that will provide you, our client, with what you need to successfully grow your business.

We are able to locate outdoor advertising vendors that are difficult to find and therefore are not sought out by our competitors or our prospective clients.  We network with other outdoor advertising companies that do what we do to ensure that we stay current with new developments within the industry, and will partner with them when it would best serve the clients' needs.

With the ability to utilize mobile advertising as a complement to an out-of-home campaign through geo fencing, we are able to take advantage of relatable current technology. Dynamic advertising is also available - we can create interaction between a digital billboard and social media, including Facebook and Instagram! We are ready and able to meet our customers' needs by adding additional services that would assist in developing a strong, effective media campaign.