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Permanent billboards are available throughout cities and smaller communities on interstates, state, local highways, and surface streets. Interstate prices can range from $600.00 per 4-week period to more than $15,000.00 per 4-week period for an annual contract, depending on the vendor. Short-term contracts are typically more expensive per period.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are now available in many markets throughout the US. The ads are uploaded by computer and can be changed out quickly. Most digital boards have six advertisers or eight advertisers whose ads display for eight seconds each per minute. Costs may range from $1,000.00 to $25,000.00 per 4-week period and may be more expensive in the larger markets. There are no production costs associated with the digital billboards.

Poster Campaigns

Poster Campaigns

Posters are smaller billboards, generally measuring 12’ x 25’ with a live copy area of 10’6” x22’8”. Available throughout the United States, copy is posted with a product designed to last for a shorter time than the vinyl used on standard billboards. The costs range from several thousand dollars for a 4-week showing reaching 25% of the market up to $100,000.00, for showings targeting 100% of the market. Poster panels will be located throughout a city and can be used in within the general market or in targeted areas based on whom you wish to reach. The number of panels that comprise a showing are based upon the population within the specific market.

Daily Billboards

Available in a limited number of cities within the United States, these are generally full-sized billboards (14' X 48') designed to look like theater marquees. The message can be changed daily and there is no production charge. People tend to look at these boards every day because they know that the message is always changing. The dailies are an effective tool for recruiting employees, saying thank you, and for advertising short-term events. Pricing is about $350.00 per day. The rates decrease for four or more days of advertising. Some of the companies will allow a business to buy up to 30 days and bank some of them for future use. The days can be used over a 12-month period.

Daily Billboards

Mass Transit

Bus ad sizes include:

• Full Wrap
• Full Side
• Half Side
• King Kong
• Kong
• King
• Queen
• Tails
• Interior Cards

Pricing is available on a 4-week period basis. Rates range from $150.00 per taillight display to $5,000.00 per 4-week period for a full wrap. Production fees are generally at an additional cost.

We can also provide assistance in securing ad space at bus stations and on bus benches, as well as other transit, such as subways and commuter rail.

Taxi Tops

Taxi Tops

Taxis offer exposure in areas where other forms of outdoor advertising may not be available. Taxis ads are available on two or three-sided tops, and rear windows, in most markets. Tops are back lit and located at eye level.

Taxis are on the road around 20 hours a day in most major cities throughout the United States. Rates vary by market and start at about $100 per ad, per 4-week period with an annual contract.

Airport Advertising

This product is available in differing sizes and quantities in over 150 airports across the United States and abroad. These opportunities range from backlit wall signage to display cases and digital ads for your product or message. The prices may range from $300.00 per month to $10,000.00 per 4-week period plus production, depending on the market. All signage can be combined into packages. These packages can either include multiple locations within one airport or in multiple airports. There is a minimum annual contract in most markets. The rate may be reduced with larger purchases or longer contracts.

Mall Media

Mall Media

This product is the kiosk advertising on the mall directories. In general, more than one ad is displayed in the mall. Costs may range from $500.00 per 4-week period to $2,500.00 per 4-week period, per ad. Prices may vary from one mall to another within a city.

Cinema Advertising

On-screen ads and lobby ads are available in most theaters throughout the country. Most of the ads are now digital. Production charges may be included if the ad is simple. Pricing is based upon the number of screens in each theater and average monthly attendance. Ads may be 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length. The ads generally run 1 time prior to the start of the movie.

Gas Station Advertising

There is really nothing to do when pumping gas but stare at the pump. Gas pump ads provide something to look at. There are gas stations that will allow a customer to advertise in the placard over the pump. Generally, there are 4 ads per station in a buy. Costs may range from $250.00 to $500.00 per station per 4-week period, plus production, depending on the market. Ice chests, also called “frozen billboards”, are often located at gas stations and can accommodate ads as well.

Gas Station

Other Out-of-Home Options

There are many other types of non-traditional out-of-home opportunities. Watch the slideshow to see some of them.


What Else Can We Do for You?

Simply need production services? Art services? We can help with that too. Are you a contractor wondering what you can do about that ugly green fence mesh? Do you want to entice people to come back when the project is near or at completion? We can produce mesh that will show people driving by what the project will look like when completed.