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Innovative Outdoor Advertising USA is the agency to turn to for developing a strategic plan using outdoor advertising to grow your business. Our firm works with all of the outdoor companies to provide services to our clients. While based in Jacksonville, FL, we can assist with campaigns throughout the US and in Canada. Out-of-home advertising is a sophisticated, exciting and targeted form of advertising, offering measurable, dependable results.

Our clients have had successful campaigns incorporating one or more types of outdoor advertising. We have utilized billboards; digital billboards; posters; transit advertising (including buses, bus shelters, bus benches, subways, subway platforms, etc); mall ads; airport advertising; taxi ads; cinema advertising; gas station advertising; and more. We stand ready to help you with your outdoor marketing plan.

Take your business to the next level with out-of-home advertising through our full-service outdoor advertising company. Call us at (833) 874-1688 for information on how we can help you with your out-of-home advertising needs.

Nationwide Marketing Opportunities That Work

Digital Billboards
Poster Campaigns
Daily Billboards

Mass Transit
Taxi Tops

Airport Advertising
Mall Media
Gas Stations
Cinema Advertising
Additional Opportunities

Virtual Fencing
Points of Interest


With eye-catching imagery and headlines that demand attention, billboards are an effective advertising avenue to display your brand to mass audiences. Captivate customers with a billboard design that embodies your brand and speaks for your services. Our billboards are available in four sizes, allowing you to market your company across the country with traffic-stopping advertising!

Transit Advertising

Mass Transport

Bus ad sizes include: Full Wrap, Full Side, Half Side, King Kong, Kong, King, Queen, Tails, and Interior Cards.

Pricing is available on a 4-week period basis. Rates range from $150.00 per taillight display to $5,000.00 per 4-week period for a full wrap. Production fees are generally at an additional cost.

We can also provide assistance in securing ad space at bus stations and on bus benches, as well as other transit, such as subways and commuter rail.

Taxi Tops

Taxis offer exposure in areas where other forms of outdoor advertising may not be available. Taxis ads are available on two or three-sided tops, and rear windows, in most markets. Tops are back lit and located at eye level.

Taxis are on the road around 20 hours a day in most major cities throughout the United States. Rates vary by market and start at about $100 per ad, per 4-week period with an annual contract.

Other Advertising Options

Reach your potential customers with our additional nontraditional advertising options! Whether you're interested in communicating to shoppers as they venture through the mall, travelers at airports and gas stations, or attentive audiences at the movies, our advertising alternatives are available to help companies reach their target market!

Airport Advertising
Gas Station Advertising
Cinema Advertising
Mall Media
Additional Opportunities


We are pleased that we are now able to offer geofencing as a complement to your outdoor campaign. We put a virtual fence around your billboards and other out-of-home media, as well as Points of Interest such as businesses that would attract similar customers (for example, a doctor could target hospitals, medical parks, pharmacies), competitors, etc. Geofencing provides your target audience with the opportunity to see your ad on a variety of apps after they have entered a geofenced area. Call us to learn more.

About Us

Deborah DeAngeloWe are out-of-home media consultants, negotiators, buyers and design facilitators. We do the research, we do the legwork, and we administer the most effective out-of-home media program within your budget. We provide comprehensive proposals that include a clear description of the inventory being proposed, maps of the locations and photos when available. You are freed from having to deal with multiple vendors, numerous product comparisons, confusing rate negotiations, advertising design, and printing.

What Else Can We Do for You?

Simply need production services? Art services? We can help with that too. Are you a contractor wondering what you can do about that ugly green fence mesh? Do you want to entice people to come back when the project is near or at completion? We can produce mesh that will show people driving by what the project will look like when completed.

Innovative Outdoor Advertising services clients in Florida including Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Amelia Island, Fernandina, St. Johns, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa. We also serve clients in Georgia including Atlanta, Savannah, Brunswick, St. Simons, Sea Island, Waycross, Valdosta and all surrounding cities. We also provide outdoor marketing to clients all over the United States. Innovative Outdoor Advertising is a woman-owned business.

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